Rumored Tomb Raider Reboot Could be Open World

Lara Croft’s last Tomb Raider outing, Underworld, was somewhat of a mixed bag, offering up grand spectacles and underwater exploration but failing to address some of the control problems that has plagued the other titles. After disappointing sales for the British heroin, it’s understandable that developers Crystal Dynamics would want to give the series a good, firm kick in the pants.

Found within PC Gamer’s rumor section, “The Spy”, there was a hint about a potential Lara Croft reboot. The ninth Tomb Raider game will apparently be set on a Japanese island, with players given complete control over exploring the leafy wilderness. The open world will give Lara multiple paths with which she can get the drop on unsuspecting enemies or find hard to reach alcoves with priceless treasures tucked inside.

The Spy also says that this reboot would serve as a prequel to the other games, giving the chance for the UK developers to flesh out Lara’s backside story… ahem, ‘scuse me.

An open world Tomb Raider game would certainly make for an interesting change of pace from the usual linear corridor type games. We’ll bring you more news on the next Tomb Raider outing as soon as we have it, but until then, you can try Lara’s downloadable isometric endeavour when it launches next week.