Ueda Talks Lack of Control in The Last Guardian

Even with just a new trailer, The Last Guardian took center stage at the Tokyo Game Show and captivated fans looking forward to its release. Fumito Ueda, the Games Designer, provided a few more details for those hungry for anything and everything related to his latest title.

Ueda-san spoke with Famitsu on his choice of music used in the latest trailer. Because of the expectation some fans have of an un-happy ending, the team decided to go with a more cheerful happy score. Also, more realistic actions were shown such as the Trico burying its dropping and being playful. Ueda-san elaborated further on the reason for this realism:

ICO and Shadow of the Colossus were set in fantasy worlds. People who like movies were hooked in by the fantasy parts and bought the game and played it. However, we wanted to evoke feeling in a greater range of people. While the selection of an animal theme does this, we also thought that in addition to this, showing such physiological occurrences would reach that broader base.

Ueda-san also touched on a very interesting aspect of the game: the lack of control. “The inability to control is one of this game’s concepts,” said Ueda-san, he added:

“Not that you’ll be totally unable to control things, but there will be some areas that you can’t control. This connects with the game’s reality, and also with the mystery of the game design.”

The Last Guardian is set for release next year.