Hideki Kamiya Lashes Out Against DmC

“There’s no way a group like us could possibly fail” said Hideaki Itsuno, Co-Director of the newly formulated Devil May Cry team.  Under normal circumstances a team composed of Kenji Inafune, Alex Jones, Tameem Antoniades and Hideaki Itsuno should inspire confidence. In the case of DmC however, gamers haven’t been shy about sharing their feelings – and you might be surprised at who is being the most vocal about it.

Hideki Kamiya isn’t impressed at all by the current direction the series is taking and he certainly has the right to complain: he’s the original Director for the Devil May Cry series. In a reply to a tweet where a fan stated they missed the Dante he created, Kamiya-san said “I miss him, too…” and later added “I’ve been sad since Dante left me.” Kamiya-san’s feelings came to the fore in a later tweet where a fan asked the question: “DmC by Ninja Theory? Do you think they will evolve the action game from your Bayonetta standard?”, Kamiya-san simply said:


It’s clear thus far that you either like the new DmC and Dante’s – it strikes me as being very Eric Mabius Crow Salvationesque  — or you don’t. Either way, a lot of pressure is being put on the DmC team to deliver.