PlayStation Move Sells Out During First Week of Launch

PlayStation Move released only days ago and has hit a huge wall of demand. Consumers on the east and west coast alike are reporting several retailers as sold out of the new motion controller. Is this a sign of great things to come for Sony?

The official Amazon website indicates that they’re currently sold out of the standalone PlayStation Move controller. Although a shipment is due on September 22nd, there’s no telling how many that will entail. In addition, many California-based Best Buy locations are sold out and are also awaiting another shipment of the product.

Although the launch software is said to be “soft” for the Move, it appears that there’s enough to warrant a purchase from many consumers. Our latest poll indicates that about 65% of our readers have already purchased the Move, and about 25% say they plan to. While the concrete sales figures are what will really matter, all signs point to a solid launch for Sony’s new controller.