Disney Epic Mickey on PlayStation 3 Talks Ongoing

Now that Sony’s black beast has a motion controller of its own, it would be a great idea for Sony to try to hook one of the most promising games to be hitting the Wii this year, Disney Epic Mickey.  With designer Warren Spector stating that the game is “possible” on other, non-Nintendo platforms, we may start hearing more about everyone’s favourite radar-eared mouse.

In an interview with TVG, producer on Epic Mickey Raul Ramirez commented on bringing the game to other consoles, stating that:

“… of course that seems to be what everybody feels now that those controls [Move/Kinect] have come in. There are talks going on, but… I don’t know.”

Keep your fingers crossed for Mickey hopping to a PS3 near you. We’ll post more details on the game as soon as we get them.