Gran Turismo Developer Reveals X1

It’s no secret that Gran Turismo 5 is set to be the greatest racing simulator in existence and as the days go by, the game keeps getting better and better. With the game’s release date winding down to just over a month, who could imagine Polyphony Digital announcing more details after its already lengthy development time? That will not stop the Japanese developers as they have released yet another trailer focusing on a digitally exclusive creation.

Teaming up with Red Bull Racing, Polyphony Digital took on the ambitious undertaking of crafting an automobile free from racing rules and legal limitations. According to Red Bull:

“If you built the fastest racing car on land, one that throws aside all rules and regulations, what would that car look like, how would it perform and how would it feel to drive?”

The answer to this naive inquiry is the X1. According to the developers:

“Red Bull’s aerodynamics expert, Adrian Newey, performed the role of technical advisor on the X1 Prototype project. Adrian is renowned in the motorsports world for designing championship winning cars. Throughout the X1 design process by Polyphony, Adrian contributed his vast experience, as well as a pure, child-like technical curiosity. As a result, the completed X1 Prototype became an extreme car, having a unique form and mechanism unlike any other racing car in history.”

What does this mean for the final product? Check out the latest trailer for Gran Turismo 5 showcasing the X1 Prototype below: