“PlayStation Network” Tops Google’s Fastest Rising Searches

The PlayStation Network has overtaken pop culture icons, reality TV stars, and the National Building Society in Google’s UK charts this past week, showing the service’s popularity.

Beating out such high societal names X-Factor contestant Chloe Mafia, judge Nicole Scherzinger, and even the returning BBC series Spooks this week, the term PlayStation Network has topped the charts. This is surely due in part to the scheduled maintenance this week as well as the 3.50 Firmware update bringing in 3D Blu-Ray integration. PS3 shows up in the middle of the list at number 12, with certainly an interesting term at the bottom of the list. The list for the tops searches is as follows:

  • 1. playstation network
  • 2. chloe mafia
  • 3. great north run
  • 4. nicole scherzinger
  • 5. spooks
  • 6. nationwide building society
  • 7. minecraft
  • 8. notw
  • 9. telegraph fantasy football
  • 10. x factor
  • 11. wwe
  • 12. ps3
  • 13. messi
  • 14. the mail
  • 15. fantasy premier league
  • 16. orange email
  • 17. london fashion week
  • 18. cne
  • 19. iraq goals
  • 20. eat

Eat? Eat what? Oh well. Good to know that the PlayStation name is abuzz all over the internet, if not also on the mouths of the British citizens.