Explodemon Trailer Will Blow Your Mind with Awesome

Hot off the presses comes the brand new gameplay trailer of Explodemon, a 2.5D platformer with heavy roots in the 16-bit platformer era. Prepare yourself to dial up the awesome to eleven here folks.Curve Productions new PSN platformer is slowly, but surely coming upon us. Currently set for later this year, the game features athletic feats of aerial nimbleness, sizzling combo-laden combat, and a dash of physics puzzles. While this technically isn’t the “first” trailer, the developers are retconning this to be the de facto original, as the old video was just pre-visual concept work. To quote Curve Studios themselves, “…we’re retconning, like a Marvel writer gone MAD.” Alright, enough with the talking, enjoy the video below. Just do yourself a favor and be sure to turn on the HD.


Be sure to look for new information about Explodemon in the coming months, and the inevitable review, here at PlayStation LifeStyle.