Explodemon! Bursting onto PSN, Launches Trailer

Explodemon! is set to detonate on PSN this week, and developer Curve Studios has released an official trailer, giving us our first look at the game’s comic book style cut scenes.

Not only do we get a look at the comic book cutscenes, but a huge assortment of Explodemon!‘s special abilities are shown off all throughout it. The 2D platformer is action packed, fast paced, and simply looks like a ton of intense fun. With a ton of physics based puzzles, big bad bosses, and a self destructive hero, Explodemon! is sure to keep players on their toes with its unique game mechanics and high speed technical maneuvers. In case you missed it earlier, PlayStation LifeStyle had a chance to interview two members of the development team, Ed Fear and Jonathan Biddle, to find out more on the PlayStation exclusive. Check out the video below for a preview of what they discussed.

Also, a press release described the premise of the game a bit further, adding:

When the peaceful planet of Nibia is attacked by the malicious Vortex forces, the fate of the star system is thrust into the one pair of hands it shouldn’t be: the malfunctioning Guardian robot Explodemon. His comic quest to repel the onslaught and restore peace will take him across three distinct planets over twelve levels, with new abilities and gameplay mechanics introduced throughout.

Explodemon! releases tomorrow, February 8th, in NA for $9.99, and on February 9th in EU for 9.99 Euros (£7.99). Are you planning on downloading this destructive digital release?