Battle of The Launch Ads: Move Vs. Kinect

This week Microsoft revealed the first TV spot for their upcoming motion-based camera peripheral, Kinect. Many individuals in the industry are noting the similarities between Kinect’s launch advertisement and the commercials for the Wii Fit. Despite the similarities, the Wii is doing well on it’s own, and is not directly part of this battle; but the PlayStation Move, on the other hand, is. We thought it might be a neat idea to put the Move and Kinect launch trailers side-by-side, to see just who came out of the gate stronger advertising-wise.

Now we’ll show you the first televised ad for Xbox 360’s Kinect.

Upon watching both advertisements, one big difference that you’ll probably notice is the amount of gameplay shown. Microsoft’s ad shows about 3 seconds worth of gameplay, while Sony’s boasts nearly 30 seconds of gameplay. Now, Sony’s ad is a full 30 seconds longer but, even when cut in half, still manages to show a good 12 seconds of gameplay. Is this another example of Sony’s revamped advertising department hard at work? Or is Microsoft purposely trying to promote the idea that Kinect looks fun, even though there isn’t really much gameplay there to back it up? Considering the positive reviews surrounding Move, and the feedback from users who have tried Kinect, it looks like a little bit of both.

So what do you think? Would you give the advertising round to Sony or Microsoft? Let us know in the comments below!