This Week in Blu – 9/27/10

Just A Rather Very Intelligent System is back up and running, Commander Keith Kogane and Air Team Commander Jeff put their rivalry aside to take out the trash, the real “King of Kong” makes an appearance, and two best friends wonder who really is the last Kryptonian on earth – this week in Blu 9/27/10.

Even for what would be considered a “slow” week, quite a few releases shipped this week:

What I’m watching this week:


For all it’s flaws, Iron Man 2 was quite entertaining. I can’t have Tony Stark’s tech, but at least I can watch it in all it’s high-definition glory. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you have to say – in a sarcastic sort of way – “You can’t have it” you will be glad you watched this film.


Jeph Loeb’s run on the Superman/Batman comic is one of my favorites; I think it defines the relationship between Bruce and Clark. His 2nd arc which reintroduced Supergirl impressed me as well, and to see it animated is a must see.


Yes Voltron. Having actually ordered Fleet of Doom on VHS years ago, seeing it on Blu-Ray – even though I am not sure why they released it – is going to be a top priority. Vehicle Force Voltron, and Lion Force Voltron on the same screen… I rest my case.

So what are you watching this week?