Ninja Theory: Hard To Get “Things Working Fast” On PS3

Much has been spoken in regards to possible screen tearing issues with the PS3 version of Ninja Theory’s Enslaved.  However, after the Heavenly Sword developers have had much time with the PS3’s architecture, Ninja Theory should have more “know how” on the Sony system, right?  According to them, they still find it challenging.

One Ninja Theory developer, who goes by “Lusty” on the their public forum, replied to a question from a forum member in regards to console preference.  Surprisingly, Lusty’s answer seemed to point out that the UK-based developers are still finding the PS3 difficult to work with.

“…we have found that it’s usually harder for us to get things working fast on the PS3. It’s a really powerful piece of kit but it’s a little more complex to work with than the 360. So maybe there is slightly more work being done on the PS3 as we can be pretty sure that if we get it working at a decent FPS on PS3 then it’s going to work on 360 too.”

Some may find it puzzling that Ninja Theory would still find it “harder” to work on Sony’s console after having spent years working on the PS3 exclusive, Heavenly Sword.  Although, Lusty did previously state that both consoles were undergoing the same treatment and rigorous testing to ensure that the fastest frames-per-second are delivered spike free.

“We’re actively developing day to day on both PS3 & 360; we have the same number of PS3 and 360 kits in the studio. A lot of work is also done on a PC build as we don’t have enough kits for everyone…

“We’ve also got a load of automated tests which we run on all platforms. These are not just to find bugs but also to check on performance issues. We know that it’s really important to maintain a high FPS with absolutely no slow-down or spiking and this helps us to do that.

“… all platforms get equal love.”

At least we can take away some assurance that Ninja Theory hasn’t lost focus on maintaining quality towards visual production.  After all, the visuals are also key to well-rounded presentation, and Ninja Theory has already proven their skill in that department with Heavenly Sword.

Be on the lookout for our review of Ninja Theory’s Enslaved when it gets closer to its release date this October 5th, and we’ll be sure to give you our best opinion on the matter.