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Nomura Wanted Dissidia 012 More Enjoyable

Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy is more than just a sequel – Tetsuya Nomura knows this. In fact, he’s so concerned with making sure the game is received well, he has no problem suggesting changes to one of it’s core elements: the combat system.

Mitsunori Takahashi, Director of Dissidia 012, touched on various aspects of the game in a recent interview. One of which was the addition of the new “Assist” feature. Takahashi-san mentioned that Nomura-san had requested the combat system be more enjoyable.

The goals the team had to do this were the following: increase a players choice thereby  deepening the experience, and to make the battles look more alive. To meet those goals, players will now be able to call for support from a player selected in advance, and upon depleting their “Assist Gauge”,   — which is built up by performing Brave attacks – your support character can perform a Brave or HP attack in your behalf. This new system satisfied Nomura-san’s request.

Adjusting a core element of a game can be difficult; it seems in this case though all should be well. Dissidia 012 is shaping up to be yet another crown PSP jewel in the Square Enix family.

I can’t wait to play as The Warrior of Light with an assist by Cecil Harvey…nice.