Gran Turismo 5 Getting the Bundle Treatment in Europe

Gran Turismo 5 is showing up in bundles and special collector’s editions all over the place lately, so it’s no surprise that the Polyphony-developed racer is now scheduled to hit the European market in the form of a pretty attractive PlayStation 3 bundle.

The bundle will come with a beefed-up 320gb PS3 along with the collector’s edition of Gran Turismo 5, and will retail for £284.99, which will mean a good deal of savings, considering the collector’s edition itself goes for £59.99. If you don’t yet own a PS3 and are anticipating the game’s release, then this would undoubtedly be the best deal out there (so far). Look for Gran Turismo 5 when it hits stores on November 2nd in North America, along with its European counterpart and bundle on November 5th.