Report Shows DLC Market Has Serious Potential

The PlayStation Store and the DLC market in general are on a pretty significant upswing as of late, and if there was anytime for developers to jump into the fray, now would be the time.

NPD Group is reporting that 25 per cent of US consumers aged 13 and above have downloaded content to their home computer, console, smart phone, Blu-ray player or other device over the last 3 months, with six per cent doing so via a games console. Although this number may seem small in the grand scheme of things, it’s actually pretty amazing. Considering the DLC market only really began a couple of years ago, this growth is pretty rapid, especially with the amount of gamers now online. This shows developers that the profit potential in the PlayStation Store and elsewhere is huge, especially if the price is right and ample effort is put into the final product.

Throughout the past few years, we’ve seen some really awesome games and content on the DLC scene, like Flower and Wipeout HD, experiences which aren’t available at retail. We can only hope that this market continues to grow, and that developers keep up the momentum, because this is one market that is ripe for the picking on both ends of the developer-consumer spectrum.