PS3 Owners of Mass Effect 2 will be Brought up to Speed with “introductory module”

October 1, 2010Written by Adam G

Since its announcement at gamescom, envious fans of Bioware’s sci-fi RPG have been wondering how the recap of the story from the Xbox 360 console exclusive Mass Effect 1 will be presented to the game’s new PlayStation fanbase.

Speaking with PSM3, Bioware founders Dr. Ray Muzyka and Dr. Greg Zeschuk have been talking about how they plan to give PS3 gamers an “introductory module” to the Mass Effect universe.

“What we’re providing is an introductory module. We haven’t revealed the details of what that is yet, but it’s going to provide a lot of information on both the context and setting of Mass Effect”

When asked what he meant by module, Muzyka replied “that remains a mystery.” So, no word on whether this will be a cutscene or something that will be playable, although with Muzyka’s reluctance to call it a video or flashback, instead opting for the more obscure “module”, it sounds like it could have both gameplay and video elements. We’ll know more before the game releases in January of next year.