Step into a GT5 Racing Pod if you Have the Cash

October 4, 2010Written by Cameron Teague

When most people sit down to play video games in front of their TV, it’s a chair or couch that they are sitting in. However, if you have a lot of cash burning a hole in your pocket and you happen to love Gran Turismo 5, then you might want to pay attention to the rest of this article.

The Gran Turismo 5 Racing Pod is on sale at Jumbo Electronics in Dubai for the low price of $10,000. Now if you are still reading this after seeing the price tag, check out just what you would get for that 10K spent.

  • The circular shaped racing pod
  • Seats
  • Logitech Steering Wheel
  • 250GB PlayStation 3
  • A copy of Gran Turismo 5
  • Sony Bravia 40″ 3D TV

The racing pod would be the ultimate gaming chair for anyone out there with money to spend. So the biggest question is, who’s buying me one?