Move Bridges Gap Between Console and PC Says Killzone 3 Developer

October 5, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

Console shooters didn’t join the fray in the competitive gaming world until only a few years ago. While there are players who are great with joystick controls, the mouse and keyboard setup has been accepted by many to have a much higher ceiling for skilled players. However, Guerrilla Games has confidence that Sony’s new motion controller might bridge the gap between console and PC skill levels.

During a demonstration with Steven Ter Heide at Guerrilla Games, Steven expressed the powerful potential of the Move when coupled together with a console shooter such as Killzone 3. When speaking with PS3 Attitude, Steven stated:

“At the same time there is a whole PC gamer audience out there who have always been complaining that the mouse and keyboard are a lot better than an actual DualShock, and the Move is a kind of bridge between that.”

In addition, Steven expressed that a hardcore first-person shooter utilizing motion controls is a new playing field, so much of its parameters are yet to be defined:

“Everybody gets DualShock: press X to jump and if X isn’t jump then the game’s broken. On the Move we still have to invent a lot of these rules.”

While many gamers are comfortable with joystick controls at this point, point-and-click controls without dragging a device on a surface is an experience that’ll be new for just about everyone. With some practice, the PlayStation Move has the finesse to allow for quick acquisition and firing at a target with rapid speed similar to mouse controls with a PC game.

Will Move be the dominant means for professional console gamers in the future? Only time will tell, but signs point to such a previously radical question being answered simply with ‘Yes’.