Atsushi Inaba Talks the Next “big” Thing

October 7, 2010Written by Allen Tyson

Atsushi Inaba, Executive Director and Producer at Platinum Games has worked on stellar titles ranging from Devil May Cry to Bayonetta and is one of the top game creators of all time. When Inaba-san says he working on a title, gamers pay attention. Recently he announced he’s adding a feature to his next Platinum Game that fans have been asking for.

During a recent interview Inaba-san had this to say about what will be included in his next title:

We haven’t officially announced it yet, but we have a big multiplayer title that we’re working on right now. There are many different projects running internally, but please look out for the announcement.

We now know that a multiplayer title is coming, but what are these  other “many” projects Inaba-san referred to? Vanquish will be arriving in a few short weeks. If the title is the hit many gamer’s expect it to be, Inaba-san should be prepared to start answering questions — gamers will demand to know what that next “big multiplayer” title is.