GameStop’s Enslaved Pre-Order Promotion Goes SNAFU

A while back we found an exclusive 1-day promotion from GameStop that allowed gamers to receive extra swag for locking in a pre-order of Enslaved: Odyssey to the West.  Now that the game has been unchained into the hands of retailers, customers are starting to get their goodies in the mail.  Sadly, some (if not all) of GameStop’s pre-order customers are getting a bad bill of goods.

Recently, we were alerted by one of our readers that GameStop seems to have short-changed many customers who pre-ordered Enslaved during the one-day event on August 31st.  Those unhappy gamers have already begun to post their disgruntled comments on a gaming forum, with many reporting that the customer service on GameStop’s hot-lines are dodging the issue and pushing the blame else where.

GameStop's Exclusive Offer - Where is it?

One forum user writes that GameStop tried to invalidate the offer based on the method of pick-up:

“So, I just got a response from the customer service guy and he said he is waiting for the people who did the promotion to get back to him. He also said that ordering online but choosing “store pick-up” makes me not qualify. If that’s the case, then the promotion is misleading people into pre-ordering for nothing because it didn’t say anything at all about who “qualifies.””

However, another user posted an update to his complaint saying that GameStop promised that the shirt and comic book will be shipped separately:

“Just got a call from the “Premiums/Promotions” person @ Gamestop. They have yet to receive the T-shirts/comics and “will ship them separately ASAP”, SOME kind of update/email would have been nice…”

As of this news report, we haven’t received comment from GameStop on the shortage issue.  We’ll continue to update you as we learn more of this situation.

Were you a “lucky” one to lock in a preorder on August 31st?  Did you get your exclusive comic book and T-shirt?  Shout out your comments below and let us know.

-Thanks David K. for alerting us to this!