Gamestop’s ONE Day Pre-order Bonus For Enslaved

Gamestop has pulled out all the stops to make sure they can entice their customers to pre-order Enslaved: Odyssey to the West with an amazing offer. However, this deal is only good for August 31st, so if you’ve been planning to pick Ninja Theory’s story-driven action-adventure game up, today better be your day to ensure it!

On Gamestop’s online website, gamers will have the opportunity to gain additional bonuses for pre-ordering Enslaved through their online retailer.  In addition to their previous bonus, they’ll be throwing you a Monkey T-Shirt and a comic book to boot that will give you additional insight to the back story behind Monkey and Trip’s adventure.  This deal is only good for today and no other. Hop on over to Gamestop and get your pre-order swag guaranteed today!