Enslaved’s US/Canada Pre-Order Bonus Detailed

Ninja Theory’s latest visual action-adventure title is getting closer to our doorstep as its October release is only a couple months away.  As we get ready to plan our purchase of Enslaved, many stores will be competing for your hard-earned dollar with exclusive pre-order bonuses. 

Already, the European market has received word about where and how to claim their pre-order bonus, and now US and Canada gamers can read up on their local retailers to figure out what pre-order bonus will suit their gaming needs.

  • Walmart – When you finish the game, you will unlock Classic Monkey, a new red and gold, Chinese-themed costume,  and deal double melee damage.
  • Best Buy – You’ll receive a code to download the Sexy Robot Trip, meshed with a robotic look, who will be able to provide Monkey with double duration on staff shot stun blasts, melee stuns, and Trip’s EMP blasts.
  • GameStop (EB Games Canada) –  You’ll receive two unlocked content with this one: Ninja Monkey Character and Unlimited Staff Blast Ammo.
  • Amazon – Limited bundle packs available which include the full official soundtrack of Enslaved, composed by Nintin Sawhney, who wrote the music for Heavenly Sword.
  • Target and Future Shop Canada – A 40 page comic book, drawn by Marvel, will detail the origins and background information of Monkey and Trip.  This information will not be available in game.

With so many options to choose from, remember to chose carefully, as you will only be able to receive one exclusive at the time of release.  However, we do hope that we may see some (if not all) of the items appear as DLC, since I am sure most of us would like to satisfy our greed and have them all!

For more information about Enslaved, checkout our hands-on E3 impressions and our interview with Chief Design Ninja, Tameem Antoniades.  And as always, continue to check back with PlayStation LifeStyle for your best source of PlayStation information.