Two Rare PSOne Classics to Become Easily Available Via PSN

PSOne Classics’ availability in the PlayStation Store is a godsend for gamers looking to play the gems of yesteryear. Many of the titles have long been out of print, making them extraordinarily rare; some even fetching a small fortune thanks to supply and demand (there isn’t any supply).

As Sony continues to bolster the collection PSOne Classics, two more top-notch, previously rare titles have been confirmed for release on the PlayStation Network…

Today, Vic Ireland used his NeoGAF account to share some noteworthy news for adventure and RPG fans. Ireland, the former president of now-defunct localization company Working Designs, declared that the North American PSN Store will soon see two of his old projects: Alundra and Arc the Lad.  These two PlayStation titles, both published stateside by Working Designs, will become available for $5.99 each on Tuesday, Oct. 12.   SCEE still hasn’t yet made a final decision regarding these titles hitting the European store, so for now, this only goes for the North American network.

The Working Designs release of Arc the Lad Collection contained three games, Arc the Lad, Arc the Lad II, and Arc the Lad III. These will be released separately, bearing the same $5.99 price tag for each. It is said that only the first game will be available on Tuesday.

The 1998 release Alundra is an adventure title sharing many things in common with action RPGs. It drew a lot of praise, though its 1999 sequel was widely seen as a failure.

Vic Ireland now heads up Gaijinworks, another localization studio which again aims to focus on adventure and RPG titles, like Working Designs before it.