DC Universe Shows You How to Create a Legend

October 10, 2010Written by Allen Tyson

The heroes and villains of earth will have a fighting chance against their alternate future death and they have Lex Luthor to thank for that.

Lex Luthor is a greedy, conniving and vicious—he also possesses genius level intellect. In another video released for DC Universe Online, we get a glimpse of what Luthor did (via gorgeous cut scenes) to make sure the apocalyptic future he comes from never happens. It also shows—although I hate to admit it—just how smart he really is.

The spotlight however in this new footage isn’t Luthor; it’s for creating a legend. Sony Online Entertainment provides a deep a look at some of the core elements of character creation: gender, build, power, weapons, skin and inspiration.  No matter what your personal preference, DCUO appears to have you covered in designing your hero or villan.

So who will you create: hero or villain? If you’re unsure time is on your side…for now.