Hollywood Star Opts to Play Nathan Drake in Uncharted Film

The Uncharted series has been one of the most successful during the current generation, and rightfully so. With luscious environments, treasure, and a charming main character named Nathan Drake, it was inevitable that a film would eventually be announced. With the film now confirmed the question is, who gets to play the star?

Judging by an entry by Nathan Fillion on his Twitter feed, the actor would like to play the role of Nathan Drake in the upcoming Uncharted film. In an effort to raise some awareness, Nathan posted the following on Twitter:

“If ever there was a Twitter campaign, let this be it. Rise, ye Browncoats. Rise, ye Castillions. RISE! http://j.mp/aEGe79”

The image included in the post leads to an article detailing the latest news that a director has been found for the Uncharted movie. Quite frankly, Nathan Fillion would be a fantastic fit for Nathan Drake. Not only is he a well-recognized actor, but he looks like him and even has the same first name. Come on, it just doesn’t get any easier than that.

What actor would you like to see play Nathan Drake in the movie adaptation of Uncharted?