Medal of Honor Requires 2GB+ Mandatory Install

October 13, 2010Written by Mike Hartnett

For those of you who intend to pick up EA’s latest entry in the Medal of Honor series, you may want to consider the size of the game’s mandatory install, just in case you may need to perform some house cleaning  on your PS3’s HDD.

We’ve certainly seen installs much larger than this, but it’s still worth noting in case you may be running a little low on HDD space. It’s being reported that Medal of Honor’s mandatory install comes in at a pretty heft 2.8 gigabytes. If you are indeed running low on space, it probably wouldn’t hurt to clear out a few old demos or old game installs.

Supposedly the Xbox 360 HDD install, while not mandatory, helps reduce the game’s screen tearing on the system. It hasn’t been confirmed whether or not this is present on the PS3 as well, or if the install helps to remedy such an issue, but we’ll be sure to find out for you and include it on our Medal of Honor review, once it hits in the next few days.