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Ted Price Tells Gamers to Step Up


On November 2, 2010 the landscape of US gaming starts to change. It’s on that date that oral arguments for Schwarzenegger vs. Entertainment Merchants Association — the so-called “violent video game” case — begin. One influential member of the gaming industry is urging gamers to do more than just hope their free speech rights are retained — that man is Ted Price.

Ted Price, Insomniac Games Founder/CEO, spoke in a recent interview about many things; one of which was the upcoming case. Price had these words for those in the gaming community:

Gamers have got to take a stand and explain why games are such an important and vibrant art form, and why they deserve the same protection that every other entertainment medium has under the Constitution

Price asks gamers to step into a role that they may not have thought was theirs: that of educators. He added:

It’s our job to help educate our representatives, and let them know how we feel, and that we will not stand to have our rights trodden upon.

No matter what your personal feelings are on the National Rifle Association, you can’t argue with this: they are small group comparatively speaking, yet are extremely vocal. It sounds like it may be time for gamers to get vocal to protect what they hold dear.