Today Only: Uncharted 2 Mulitplayer Bonus XP, Exclusive Drake Skin [UPDATED]

October 16, 2010Written by Ray Conley

To celebrate Uncharted 2‘s one year anniversary, developers at Naughty Dog have decided to shower its dedicated fans with amazing gifts and one amazing opportunity.  Today, October 16, 2010, anyone who hops onto multiplayer will be awarded more XP, a free tee, and a chance to team up with or kill Uncharted‘s creators.

From 12:01 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. (PDT), anyone who jumps onto Uncharted 2‘s multiplayer will gain 5x the normal amount of XP.  They will also get an exclusive tee shirt skin for Drake for playing today, and can wear this outfit anytime, even after the one day even is over.  Now the coolest part – more than 30 of Naughty Dog’s developers will be playing today as well, even the co-president Evan Wells. Marketing manager Arne Meyer and designer Robert Cogburn have made a claim that they will be hunting newbs for a solid play of 24 hours.

Who doesn't love free tees?

If this is a day to clear your schedule, now would be the time!  Put your party hat on and get some online play in for this one day extravaganza.  And good hunting!


It looks like the special tee shirt skin won’t be allowed to everyone just yet. The tee shirt will be unlocked sometime next week as stated per Naughty Dog’s webpage.

“For the 24-hour event, only Naughty Dogs with the red paw will have access to the exclusive Anniversary Nathan Drake skin for multiplayer. BUT….. everybody who plays in a game in Matchmaking during the 24-hour event will have the skin activated for their account early next week. If you don’t play in a Matchmaking game, you won’t EVER get the skin. This is our special gift to our most loyal players who are celebrating our anniversary with us.”