Insomniac Removes 60-player Multiplayer in Resistance 3

October 19, 2010Written by Ray Conley

One of the coolest features that made Resistance 2 iconic was the massive 60-player online matches that ravaged the game servers. However, developer Insomniac is looking to reduce the player capacity for a more “streamlined” experience in the next Resistance lineup.

In the latest Game Informer magazine, Insomniac confirmed that the multiplayer player count will be dialed back in Resistance 3 from the 60 slots that was sported by Resistance 2. The California based developers have yet to confirm the exact number, but we can expect it to be much less than its predecessor.

Creative director Marcus Smith, said that they are wanting to focus on the popular mode that worked well from the previous 2 titles in the Resistance series.

“The approach to multiplayer in Resistance 3 is to really streamline the things that were popular with Resistance 1 and Resistance 2.

“Obviously, weapon usage is a big one, but we also have our progression through multiplayer, which is a lot tighter. It’s going to reward people as they go.”

Smith also mentioned that the multiplayer battles would be broadcast over the radio in single player missions, upping the immersion and blending both the single player campaign and the online modes.

“We’re also setting the location of all multiplayer maps in various locations around the world. During the single-player campaign, you’ll be hearing updates [via a radio show] of those battles as you’re progressing through the game.”

What is your take on the removal of the 60-player multiplayer modes? Should Insomniac rethink its strategy? Let us know in the comments below.