Rock Band 3 Pro Mode May Require a Small Loan

Rock Band 3 aims to not only be the premier music game when it arrives later this month, but to revolutionize the music game genre as we know it. With the introduction of “Pro” mode for each of the instruments in the game, players will need to buy new peripherals. How much? Well…

The new Pro mode for Rock Band 3 looks to be the most realistic music game on the market. With the new Pro instruments are designed to be as close to the real things as possible, with guitars that have 17 frets and 6 strings for example. Players can use the peripherals from all the way back in the original Rock Band to play the game, but will require these new instruments for the new mode. GameShark, the label under MadCatz that these instruments are marketed, has just announced the prices for all the instruments and…it’s not cheap.

  • Rock Band® 3 Wireless Fender™ Mustang™ PRO-Guitar™ Controller For PlayStation®3 – $149.99, £124.99
  • Rock Band® 3 Wireless Keyboard For PlayStation®3 – $79.99, £69.99
  • Rock Band® 3 Wireless PRO-DRUM™ & PRO-CYMBALS™ Kit For PlayStation®3  – $129.99, £129.99
  • Rock Band® 3 MIDI PRO-Adapter™ For PlayStation®3 – $39.99, £34.99
  • Rock Band® 3 Keyboard Stand for Xbox 360®, PlayStation®3, Wii™ – $29.99, £24.99

Oddly enough, there are certain bundles that are only available in certain regions.

  • Rock Band® 3 Wireless Keyboard and Keyboard Stand Bundle For PlayStation®3 – $109.98 (US Only)
  • Rock Band® 3 PRO-Cymbals™ Expansion Kit – $39.99 (US Only)
  • Rock Band® 3 Wireless Keyboard and Software Bundle For PlayStation®3  – £109.99 (UK Only)
  • Exclusive Rock Band® 3 Starter bundle SAVE 25% Bundle includes: Software, keyboard, drumkit, Fender Stratocaster and Microphone PS3 – £235.00 (25% Discount, UK Only)

If you’re planning on playing Rock Band 3 soon and are looking forward to the Pro Mode, I hope you’ve got a big wallet. You can buy them from GameShark US or GameShark UK.