Catherine Getting Dressed for February in Japan

October 23, 2010Written by Cameron Teague

Judging by the latest news it looks like Catherine will have to wait just a bit longer to strut her stuff on the PS3 as Atlus has announced the game will be delayed. Originally slated for a Winter 2010 release date, Catherine has now slipped back to February 17th in Japan. While we don’t like delays this could be a good thing as it gives the developers a bit more time to properly explain the game.

The story here involves a man named Vincent who is dating a woman named Katherine (not to be confused with Catherine). After playing ping-pong with Catherine in bed, Vincent begins to have nightmares involving strange heart monsters and other monsters that seem to be ancient ancestors to The Last Guardian‘s dogcatbird. The game is being developed by the Persona team and from early screenshots bears plenty of likeness to past Persona games.

To summarize, this game is insane but you’ll probably play it anyway. Shame you’ll have to wait the extra two months.