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catherine full body demo

You Can Get Your Hands on Catherine: Full Body Now With the Japanese Demo

You’ll never play the Vita version in English, but you can at least try it out.

Catherine Full Body Vita

Catherine: Full Body Will Only Be Exposed to the PS4 Outside Japan

Japan getting it on Vita too is such a tease.

catherine full body dlc

Catherine: Full Body DLC Lets You Play as All Three Catherines

Which Catherine will you choose?

catherine full body censorship

Atlus Is Teasing a Special Catherine: Full Body Announcement Coming Soon

Catherine for Smash or we riot.

atlus persona

Atlus Working on an ‘Entirely New RPG’ Alongside Making ‘Various Preparations’ for Persona in 2019

Recent domain registrations might be hinting at something.

catherine full body soundtrack

Here’s an Early Look at the Massive, Limited Edition Catherine: Full Body Soundtrack

This might be as close as we get to this set without shelling out those import bucks.

catherine classic rating

Something Called Catherine Classic was Rated in Australia

Is Catherine getting a more bare-bones re-release too?

catherine full body censorship

Atlus Addresses Catherine: Full Body Censorship Concerns in Light of Sony’s Policies

There are no “mysterious lights” in the game.

Catherine Full Body

Catherine Demands Your Attention in This Seductive Catherine: Full Body Video

Who could say no?

catherine full body joker

Here’s Your First Look at Persona 5’s Joker in Catherine: Full Body

This isn’t the Velvet Room.

catherine full body censorship

This Sexy Catherine: Full Body Trailer Shows Off Its Revealing Mechanics

Somehow this game isn’t being censored.

new catherine full body ideal voice option

Catherine: Full Body’s Latest Alternate Voice is Chie from Persona 4

Catherine: Full Body is turning into a real Personapalooza.

Catherine Full Body

Catherine: Full Body Opening Scene Is the Start of Something Amazing

Looking good.

catherine full body dlc

Catherine: Full Body’s First-Print Bonus DLC Lets You Play as Persona 5’s Joker

New trailer released.

Catherine Full Body Release Date uncovered for Japan

Japan Gets to Fall in Love With Catherine: Full Body on Valentine’s Day

Looks saucy enough.

catherine full body trailer

Latest Catherine: Full Body Trailer Shows Off More Gameplay

Another girl fighting for Vincent’s affection.

catherine full body rin

First Details of Remake Catherine: Full Body Released

Learn more about Rin and gameplay improvements.

Catherine Full Body NA & EU Release Confirmed

Catherine Full Body Americas & Europe Release Confirmed

It’s coming!

Catherine Full Body Gameplay Trailer

Watch the Debut Catherine Full Body Gameplay Trailer

Do you like the new girl?

Catherine Full Body

Catherine Full Body Revealed for PlayStation 4 and Vita

Catherine is back with a new heroine and more!