Catherine: Full Body DLC Lets You Play as All Three Catherines

Even more characters are going to be playable in Catherine: Full Body. Atlus has announced (via Famitsu) that a slew of faces will be added to the upcoming remake’s challenge modes in a future DLC pack. Most notably, you’ll be able to play as all three of the ladies in Vincent’s life, and that includes the brand new Rin.

Other than the titular trio of Catherine, Katherine, and Qatherine, the pack features a slew of familiar faces. Orlando Haddick, Jonny Ariga, Toby Nebbins, Erica Anderson, and Boss are all included in this DLC set as well. All of the characters will be playable in Catherine Full Body’s Babel and Colosseum modes. Babel can be played with one to two players cooperatively, while Colosseum is a head-to-head mode.

This character pack is only the latest DLC pack announced for Catherine: Full Body. You’ll have the option to change the voices of the characters with Persona voice actors. In addition, the “Nero Glasses” will make have every character appear in their underwear in-game. There is also another DLC character as well, Persona 5’s Joker (who’s having a bit of a moment). He’s also playable in the two modes, but he’s included in first-print editions of Catherine: Fully Body.

Catherine: Full Body will be released in Japan on February 14, 2019 for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. It is confirmed to be heading westward, but as of right now there is no release date. Hopefully, with the Japanese release quickly approaching, there will be more news on that front. Does the prospect of playing as the three Catherines excite you? Let us know!

[Source: Siliconera]