Catherine: Full Body Will Only Be Exposed to the PS4 Outside Japan

While Catherine: Full Body is getting both a PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita release in Japan, the game will only be available on the PlayStation 4 in the Americas and Europe. This information can be seen on the game’s official website, but a release date for the west has yet to be revealed. The exclusivity may come as a bit of a surprise, especially after Catherine became available on PC for the first time ever as Catherine Classic.

Perhaps Catherine: Full Body will follow in the footsteps of the original game and eventually be released on other platforms, but for now it will remain a PlayStation 4 exclusive. It seems the PlayStation Vita can’t catch a break these days, as its game production slowly comes to a close.

In addition to featuring a new character called Rin, whose real name is Qatherine, this remake will have even more characters as DLC for its the challenge modes. Catherine: Full Body will offer fans just about everything they could ask for, like the option to change the voices of the characters and the ability to play as Persona 5‘s Joker via DLC.

Catherine: Full Body doesn’t have a release date yet for America and Europe, but it’s labeled as “coming soon” on the game’s website. Meanwhile, Catherine: Full Body will be released February 14, 2019 in Japan.

[Source: Catherine Official Webiste]