Something Called Catherine Classic was Rated in Australia

Well, this is unexpected. Today, the media classification group in Australia published a rating for a multiplatform video game called Catherine Classic. It’s developed by Atlus, and published by Koch Media, which generally handles publication for Atlus software over in Europe and such. Of course, the applicant is Sega Europe. There isn’t really any other information available, other than ratings context you’d probably expect from Catherine.

Considering a re-release of sorts called Catherine: Full Body is on the way and already confirmed for localization, it’s natural to wonder what the heck Catherine Classic is supposed to be. The original Catherine is already Xbox One backwards-compatible, and it seems weird to release a port of Catherine when Catherine: Full Body is on the way. That said, there is precedent for publishers to re-release previous gen titles on current hardware as preorder or season pass bonuses. Perhaps that’s what’s happening here?

Either way, we don’t have any official word on this from Atlus or Sega. All the focus has been on Catherine: Full Body, which is set to release for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita in Japan on February 14, 2019. Atlus has previously announced a localization is in the works, but has yet to provide any dates.

Most recently, Atlus showed off gameplay from Catherine: Full Body‘s Joker DLC, continuing the crossover antics of Persona 5‘s protagonist. The team behind the game also responded to recent censorship concerns, and Atlus has also steadily been rolling out voice actor announcements for some particularly strange DLC as well.

[Source: Gematsu]