Rumor: Has the Cutoff Date for Physical Vita Games Been Extended?

Is the Vita getting another lease on life? A new report is suggesting that the cutoff date for physical PlayStation Vita games has been extended, at least in the West. The rumor sprung from a tweet from game developer Poppy Works, which came up when the developer was discussing a possible Vita port for its game Halloween Everything.

No other details were given following the tweet mentioning this possible extension. When asked why an official announcement has been made yet, a follow-up tweet said the decision was “very recent.” Sony has yet to comment on this Vita development yet, so be sure to take this with a grain of salt.

If this turns out to be true, it would be the latest twist in the very rocky life of the PlayStation Vita. It seemed like the end of Sony’s handheld was near. Previously, the cutoff for physical games was early 2019, though the digital storefront will remain. It’s unknown what the new cutoff date might be, if what Poppy Works has said is accurate. It’s also unknown if this will have any impact on the production of the Vita itself, which was previously stated to be ending sometime in 2019.

While we wait for any sort of official confirmation from Sony, what do you think of this possible extension? Are you excited to potentially see more physical Vita games in the world? Let us know!