Demon’s Souls Resonates Success for Atlus

October 23, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

Although Demon’s Souls has remained an epicenter for blood-pressure raising cruelty, it has managed to be incredibly successfull. Somewhere between the gorgeous fantasy setting and unforgiving gameplay lies a game that many have spent weeks if not months engaging. As a result, sales have been solid and Atlus USA is reaping the spoils.

Atlus USA’s fiscal 2010 report has revealed that the company has seen major growth since the previous yearly report. The details reveal that the RPG blockbuster Demon’s Souls accounted for $40.7 million dollars in sales and was the major game changer for the company.

Support for Demon’s Souls was recently extended by Atlus into March 2011 around the time that a Greatest Hits version was announced. In addition, a similar game from the same developer was announced temporarily titled Project Dark which is scheduled for a release in 2011.