PlayStation Phone Revealed in Leaked Pictures

Even with years of rumors suggesting a PlayStation Phone was in the works, we always remained skeptical…. until now. Pictures have hit the internet of what looks like a PlayStation Phone, smells like a PlayStation Phone, so it must be a PlayStation Phone.

A short time ago, sources speaking with Engadget mentioned that a Sony Ericsson branded “PlayStation Phone” was in the works sporting some serious specs. Just after a listing turned up on an official PlayStation website looking for Android developers. Now, pics have been leaked by Engadget revealing what is claimed to be the PlayStation Phone, running on Google’s budding mobile OS, Android.

If a idea of a PlayStation Phone running on Android wasn’t enough to give you a tech orgasm, then listen to this ooh-and-ahh worthy specs. On top of a roughly 4-inch screen, under the hood it boasts a feisty 1GHz Qualcomm MSM 8655 processor, 512MB RAM and 1GB of ROM. Not to mention it’s said to run on Android 3.0 and come with a Sony Marketplace where you can purchase and download games to the device (PlayStation Store Mobile anyone?). Externally, the PlayStation Phone is a touch-screen slider, but instead of a QWERTY keyboard found on smartphones, out springs a D-pad, face buttons, and a touch pad. There’s also L and R shoulder buttons and some standard buttons found on most smartphones.

Of course this isn’t at all official, but looking at the quality of that build–which is said to be only a prototype–it’s hard not get your hopes up that this thing will reach the market. Engadget sure believes it will.

It is important to note that we don’t think that this is the PSP2, which is said to have a screen 1-inch larger than the original PSP’s, and sport a touch screen on the rear of the device.

There you have it folks, the PlayStation Phone. Which leads us to a couple questions: how much will this sucker cost, when is it coming, and will it be tied to a specific carrier?

Check out the full image gallery below to get a better look:


Thanks to gtamaster503 for the tip!