Schick Razors Offering Exclusive Gran Turismo 5 Content

Even though our excitement may have been dismantled over Gran Turismo‘s minor delay, perhaps this partnered promotion with Schick will help you give you the boost to get back into the race.

If you race jocks are in need to restock your shelves with some quality shaving gear, race over to your nearest toiletries retailer.  Schick has started a limited promotion of packaged razors that will come a with redeemable code to unlock a list of amazing content for your PS3 and PSP systems.

Here is the list of cool swag you’ll garner from making a simple purchase of Schick razors:

  • Gran Turismo 5 dynamic theme for the PS3 system and a static theme for the PSP system
  • Gran Turismo 5 racing suit for PlayStation®Home
  • PlayStation®Network Movie Rentals including Speed, 2 Fast-2 Furious, The Bourne Supremacy and License to Drive

After you’ve picked up your package of Schicks, jump onto and enter your code to redeem your prize. So hurry on over to your nearest store to pick up a pack! If you’re still waiting for that facial hair, just tell your mom it’s for your dad.

In this race, everyone is a winner!