MLB 10: The Show Crowns San Francisco Giants Victorious in World Series

October 28, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

The MLB World Series has begun this week and this time around it pits the San Francisco Giants versus the Texas Rangers. Similar to how Madden NFL has been used to predict Superbowl outcomes, gaming fans are trying their hand at simulating this popular American event. With the highly-acclaimed MLB 10: The Show used as the vehicle for this prediction of epic proportions, the results are in.

Sony’s very own exclusive MLB 10: The Show has been used to forecast the inevitably dramatic conclusion to the 2010 World Series. As heart-pulsing as the road to the World Series has been, if these predictions are anything like the final outcome, fans of baseball are in for a wild ride. Below are the results of Sony’s 2010 World Series prediction:

  • Game 1: Texas 10, San Francisco 3
  • Game 2: San Francisco 9, Texas 1
  • Game 3: San Francisco 7, Texas 5
  • Game 4: San Francisco 6, Texas 3
  • Game 5: Texas 4, San Francisco 3
  • Game 6: Texas 4, San Francisco 2 (10 innings)
  • Game 7: San Francisco 1, Texas 0 (10 innings)

MLB 10: The Show indicates that the Giants will win in seven games with two overtimes. While these results were randomized, the stats for each player is taken into consideration. Whatever the case, the match-up is a legitimately balanced one, so the next couple weeks should be filled with entertainment for baseball fans.