Exclusive: New DC Universe Online Screens Revealed

October 29, 2010Written by Allen Tyson

Sony Online Entertainment isn’t rushing DC Universe Online. A property that appeals to a diverse audience like action-gamers, comic book enthusiasts and MMO fans, needs to be near perfect upon release.  PlayStation LifeStyle has the exclusive reveal of new screenshots showcasing key areas within DCUO, that flesh out the environments players will be in. After seeing the images, it’s clear that SOE is making the most of their time to get things right.

PlayStation LifeStyle was given a set of nine images for exclusive reveal. The first image gives fans a sneak peek inside the lair of the one whose job it is to keep the forces of Order and Chaos balanced: Dr. Fate. Given that players will have an “inspiration” for their character depending on the abilities they select, does this imply that magic users will be tutored by one of the most powerful sorcerers in the DC Universe? If so, this adds another dimension to an already deep game–particularly when Dr. Fate has already been seen in a cameo video for DCUO.

The other images reveal one of the key areas in Metropolis: Glen Morgan Square. The landscape consists of tall immense buildings, advertisements for Daily Planet Live: Starring Lois Lane, and billboards of Booster Gold himself. Players fighting in the streets of Glen Morgan Square are desirous of becoming the next legend look and feel a part of the DC Universe in these exclusive screens. Created players look extremely detailed and the environments look complete and polished.

DC Universe Online has a tentative release for window for the first quarter of 2011.