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Reaper Possibly Bringing Death to PSN

October 31, 2010Written by Josh Fernandes

Luc Bernard is a French game designer who has developed games for the Wii, iPhone, and other platforms. Bernard’s newest game, Reaper, was supposed to be a PSP exclusive, but it looks like the game will make its debut on multiple platforms.

Reaper will come to PSP, PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and maybe the PSN. Reaper is a 2D action shooter that boasts impressive visuals and memorable boss battles. Reaper was originally planned to be an episodic game, but when it launches it will be a full downloadable game. The game was originally slated to ship this fall, but was pushed back to 2011 due to the inclusion of the many different platforms. Bernard says that his team is using a new engine, Prime, which allows the game to be developed for many platforms at once. There are many publishers interested in bringing the game to PSN, but nothing has been decided at this point.