And The Emmy Goes to… Blu-ray Disc

November 2, 2010Written by Anthony Severino

Though we usually associate the Emmys with our favorite television shows, the esteemed award is also given to honor technological merits among other things. At Consumer Electronics Show 2011, the consumer electronics manufacturers responsible for bringing Blue Laser Optical Systems to the homes of consumers everywhere will be honored with the 62nd annual Technology and Engineering Emmy Award.

Along with Sony — who began development for the blue laser optical technology that reads Blu-ray discs in the late 1990’s — Panasonic, Philips and TDK will be honored for their contributions to bringing “distribution and recording of full HD content on optical discs at consumer price levels”.

Since its introduction in 2006, Blu-ray has risen to the forefront of HD home entertainment, with over 1.4 billion pre-recorded discs, 50 million Blu-ray players and recorders, 41 million PS3s, and 25 million PC readers/writers being produced for mass consumption.

Blu-ray’s latest achievement — thanks to its massive storage capacity — is its ability to offer full HD 3D video playback on a number of 3D enabled players, including the PlayStation 3.

On January 6th, 2011 at CES in Las Vegas, Nevada, the four companies will take the stage to accept the prestigious award from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences at a special awards ceremony.