PS5 Launches in Philippines and Malaysia This Year, Release in Indonesia Slated for 2021

Residents in several Asian countries were previously in the dark about when Sony would launch the PlayStation 5 in their territories. In October, the console manufacturer simply said price and release date details for countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam would go live “when ready.” Fortunately, at least three of these territories have recently received updates on the matter. The Philippines and Malaysia can expect Sony’s new hardware to arrive later this year. Meanwhile, an Indonesia release is on track to roll out in 2021.

In the Philippines, PlayStation 5’s disc-based version will release on December 11th for a retail price of PHP 27,990. The console’s various accessories, barring the Media Remote, are expected to launch the same day: DualSense (PHP 3,990), PULSE 3D Wireless Headset (PHP 5,590), HD Camera (PHP 3,290), and DualSense Charging Station (PHP 1,690). Presently, there’s no word on if or when the new hardware’s Digital Edition will hit stores in the country.

PlayStation fans in Malaysia can expect to pick up the PS5 on December 11th, as well. The disc-based SKU will retail for MYR 2,299, while the Digital Edition boasts a price tag of MYR 1,869. All of the platform’s accessories should land on the same day, too: DualSense (MYR 349), PULSE 3D Wireless Headset (MYR 469), HD Camera (MYR 279), Media Remote (MYR 149), and DualSense Charging Station (MYR 149).

Customers looking to grab a PS5 in Indonesia will unfortunately have to wait a little while longer. The console launches in Indonesia on January 22, 2021. For 7,299,000 rupiah, consumers will be able to pick up the Digital Edition. The version with a Blu-ray disc drive has a retail price of 8,799,000 rupiah. Indonesia will also receive all of the platform’s accessories on launch day.

Sony’s newest console is out now in the US, Japan, Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, and South Korea. One week from today, the console will launch in Europe, the Middle East, South America, Asia, and South Africa.

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