3D Dot Game Heroes Pixelating Home Soon

The pixelated role-playing game by Atlus, 3D Dot Game Heroes, may exclusively consist of the Kingdom of Dotnia now but, soon enough, the colorful realm is going to be invading everyone’s favorite PlayStation 3 virtual “Home“. From Software has effectively found an excuse to leave its mark in the popular virtual online community, carrying over the same graphical goodness that we’ve all come to know and love in the original title.
After being invaded by the mascot, Sackboy, from the LittleBigPlanet world, clearly the PlayStation 3-exclusive RPG has showcased itself as a honed knife for the promotion of any current and upcoming PlayStation promotions. In celebration of the game’s one year anniversary, From Software saw fit to engrave the stylings of 3D Dot Game Heroes into an all-new PlayStation Home space. After all, what better way to celebrate an anniversary than with PlayStation Home?
Check out a couple screens of the Japanese version of the Home space below. Stay connected to PlayStation LifeStyle for news on anything and everything PlayStation.