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Games, Franchises, and Experiences We Want in VR

Immerse yourself.

PSA: PlayStation Home Closes Its Doors Today for Good Today

Project Nebula beta scheduled for November 2015.

PlayStation Home Creator Says “It Was a Massive Success”

Success or failure?

Many Studios Earned “Seven-Figure Revenues” on PlayStation Home, Says nDreams CEO

He talks about the service being shut down early next year.

PlayStation Home Closes Its Doors on March 31, 2015 in North America & Europe

Don’t expect PlayStation Home on PS4… or any refunds.

PlayStation Home Closing for Japan and Asia PS3 Owners

Use it now, while it’s still online.

Full PlayStation Home Trophy List Revealed, is Retroactive

Update 1.86 also adds some bug fixes and a mute option.

The Catch-Up: March 10th, 2014 – inFamous: Second Son Patch 1.01 Available on Day 1

PlayStation Home update 1.86 to add Trophies; Sony announces 300GB Blu-Ray disc “specifically for professional archiving.”

Live the PS LifeStyle In PlayStation Home

The redesigned PlayStation Home arrives today. There are a lot of newRead the full article…

PlayStation Home Redesign Arrives Tomorrow – Are You Ready?

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PSN Preview – The New PlayStation Home

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PlayStation Home – Over 23 Million Strong, Evolving With A New Major Redesign

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PlayStation Home To Host E3 Press Conference Stream

Before the technological advancements in online video streaming, which only up untilRead the full article…

PSLS Double Easter Giveaway – Enigmo Full Game, Sodium Two Early Access

With Easter festivities kicking off we have not one, but two greatRead the full article…

PlayStation Home v1.5 Update Hitting PS3’s This Week

PlayStation Home has undergone numerous, radical changes since it’s inception, and thisRead the full article…

Impressive New Concept Images for PlayStation Home Central Plaza Surface

Whether you love it or hate it, the latest financial read-outs indicateRead the full article…

PS Home Version 1.5 Coming in Spring, Includes Real-Time Multiplayer

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“You Won’t be Disappointed” if You Give Home Another Chance

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Conspiracy: Our Investigation Inside PlayStation Home’s Latest Title

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Home ‘Conspires’ to Add Two New Games

Get ready to dust out your avatar’s apartment, PlayStation Home is inRead the full article…