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PlayStation Home Restoration by Fans Is Progressing Well, Beta Successful

Back in November 2021, we reported that a group of fans had managed to revive the PS3’s beloved social world, PlayStation Home. The group — Destination Home — has now revealed that their first playable beta has been successful.

PlayStation Home restoration project gearing up for a second beta

In a lengthy interview with IGN, Destination Home content developer Nagato said that the first beta took place in October 2022. And for the first time in seven years, the hub went online for some of the project’s biggest supporters and contributors. Destination Home has managed to add cross-region compatibility whereby various regional spaces have been packed into one “massive” server.

Thanks to PS3 owners who “donated” PS Home data from their consoles, Destination Home was also able to add items like clothes. They aren’t purchasable, but Nagato says the team is looking for ways to make them available to all participants for free. “If you have your original PSN account and you bought stuff on Home, all your items — as long as it’s been donated to us, or we’ve archived it — will basically be alive,” Nagato told IGN.

Destination Home is now gearing up for a second beta and currently has over 100 spaces. The project has received a ton of support, and Nagato hopes that everyone with a PS3 will be able to jump back in and have fun “the way they remember it.”