Sly 4 Hinted At In Sly Cooper Collection

The Sly Cooper series was a financial and critical hit on the PlayStation 2, with Sucker Punch’s beloved action-stealth platforming game gaining recognition as one of the best titles on the platform. For this generation however, Sucker Punch has been busy developing InFamous, and is currently developing InFamous 2, set to release next year. But fans still hope that a fourth entry to the Sly series is being secretly worked upon, with the developer hinting at such a game.

Rumors originally surfaced when Sly Cooper 4 was hinted at as a movie in InFamous, but many people interpreted the easter egg as an evil joke from Sucker Punch. Their latest tease, however, seems far more substantial, with a short trailer starring Sly’s silhouette and the words “Sly 4?” being apparently unlocked once the Sly Cooper Collection is fully platinumed.

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