Cross Game Chat – Episode XIII

It’s Monday and this is yet another brand new episode of Cross Game Chat. For those who haven’t paid attention yet, this podcast is the only place that PS3 owners can get Cross Game Chat. This is the place where babies learn to walk for the first time and Star Trek owners finally see the light and switch to Star Wars.


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Episode XIII is one for the substitutes out there, as Corey fills in for Paulmichael and our British (not European) correspondent Sebastian takes the place of Allen. Cameron and Josh round out this foursome. For those out there who might be worrying about PMC and Allen, well don’t, you will see them back next episode. In this episode we check out the best news, upcoming game releases, and a feature talking about our review process. Like last week we also feature an interview with the latest person to be dismissed from The Tester Season 2. So come join us and share your thoughts down below in the lovely comments section.

This week’s The Tester Season 2 guest is: