ICO Inspired the Wide Success of the Uncharted Series

Every developer is granted inspiration when they sit down to make a game and Naughty Dog is no different. The team behind the successful Uncharted series has revealed one of their biggest inspirations, ICO. The game that was created by the legendary Team ICO is directly responsible for inspiring the Naughty Dog team on all of their projects, even the current one which is likely the rumored Uncharted 3.

Speaking to OPM readers after Uncharted 2: Among Theives was voted the greatest PlayStation game of all-time, Naughty Dog boss Evan Wells let loose that his game wouldn’t have been his number 1 pick, instead opting for Grand Theft Auto III or ICO.

“They’re pretty different games, but they’ve both influenced the industry tremendously. [ICO’s] the kind of game – that linear, narrative-driven experience – that we’re focused on making right now.

Everyone in the office has been influenced by it greatly; it’s just a fantastic game.”

Sony also sees the value in the title with a remastered collection of ICO and Shadow Of The Colossus in glorious HD and full 3D releasing next year in the form of the Team ICO Collection.